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Nature Technologies
Nature Technologies offers a great solution to  keep "pocket deer" from foraging on residential landscaping.   It is based on an electrical device that emits ultrasonic sound (with no effect on humans, birds, cats, dogs) which prevents deer from hearing background sounds,and makes them too uncomfortable to put their heads down to forage. When foraging with their heads down, they must rely on hearing  predators. But with this equipment they know they cannot see or HEAR predators, so they leave the property.   The company quotes a 99% Customer Satisfaction rate and offers a money-back guarantee.

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Chemical products deter deer by smell, taste, pain or a combination.  A deer needs to sample treated plants before becoming averse to them and avoiding them in the future.


  • Deer Away Big Game Repellent

  • Deer No

  • Deer Off: Shake-Away

  • Deer Solution

  • Deer Stopper

  • Deer-Away  Deer Repellents

  • Deerbusters Premium Liquid Repellent

  • Dr. T's Deer Blocker

  • Get-Away Deer Repellent

  • Havahart Deer Off

  • Hinder

  • Holly Ridge

  • Liquid Fence (with 100% money back guarantee) Deer Chaser

  • Magic Circle

  • Milorganite

  • Not Tonight Deer Repellent

  • Plant-Pro-Tec

  • Plantskydd

  • Repellex

  • Tree Guard

  • Products that contain Capsaicin (pepper) or ammonia cause irritation on contact with mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, nose.)  These products cause the animal to associate the treated plants with a feeling of sickness. Professionally applied sprays for shrubs and plants that include a wax-based repellent can last for many months.

Homemade Repellents

Homemade & Natural Repellents such as small, fine-mesh bags of human hair--about two handfuls; bar soap hung from trees--Lifebuoy, Ivory, or Irish Spring yield varying results. Bags should be replaced monthly for optimize effectiveness.


Homemade pepper spray: two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce mixed with 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 gallon of water.


Mothball flakes sprinkled in gardens; human odors, including  urine, are also  deterrents. Line gardens with chives.

Scare Devices
Flashing lights and noisemakers chase deer away.  Changing the position/location of these devices is more effective as deer are neo-phobic--afraid of anything new or different. Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler and Spray Away Animal Repellant use  automatic sensors and scare deer away with water jets.

Noise Deterrents
Aluminum pie pans and tin cans rattling in the wind may help deter deer.  Motion-activated ultrasonic deer and animal repellents are designed to startle deer while not allowing them to become used to the sound. 

Fencing is the most effective way to eliminate deer browsing.  The most suitable fence will depend on the size of the area, the topography, and the type of vegetation to be protected.  The most effective deer repellent is a very tall fence, at least 8 to 10 feet tall.  Slanting the fence outward also helps to keep deer from getting to landscaping. Deer Blocker Deer Fencing - extremely strong, long-lasting, virtually invisible, polyethylene mesh;  clear fishing line or brick line tied to stakes  (tied with colored flags to warn people) to varying heights--deer will not cross.


Perimeter Fencing types include:  High-Tensile Woven Wire, Chain link; Double-row wooden, solid wooden, mesh-woven wire; Single or multiple-strand wire electrical or slanted wire non-electrical.  Single-Strange "peanut butter fence"; Polytape and Polywire Fences. Lightweight black polypropylene mesh should be installed the wind.


Invisible Black Mesh Barrier/Fencing: Easy-Up Fence and Benner's Garden Deer Fencing can beattached to posts or stakes. Individual trees, bushes and groundcover can be protected with stiff, plastic netting made of tough UV-stabilized polypropylene such as  Deer-X Netting.

Electric Fences: Some use a battery-powered charger to send out short,strong bursts of electricity that shock, but won't injure potential intruders.

The Havahart Electronic Repellent  attracts deer to posts with a lure scent, then shocks them to repel them from yard/garden.  Electric fences  are "behavioral barriers"


Netting & Tubing: Tubes of Vexar netting around individual seedlings are an effective method to reduce deer damage to small trees.  Tubes can protect just the growing terminals or can completely enclose small trees.  Tubes placed around the trunks of larger trees will help prevent trunk damage. 


Paper or Reemay budcaps form a protective cylinder around the terminal leader and bud.  Budcaps are rectangular pieces of material folded lengthwise and stapled around the terminal leader and may help reduce browse damage.  Bird netting, stretched over pvc pipe framework is also an effective fence.

Experience Matters
Our product or service is of the highest quality available today. Innovative solutions and continual research make us stand out in a highly competitive fast paced market.

Higher Standards
Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to the "voice" of the customer can result in improved customer loyalty, a larger customer base with increased activity, a reduction of service failures, lowered operating costs and enhanced employee performance. We strive to meet or beat our customers goals.

Additional Resources:


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Photo credit: Ralf Schmode